The experience of the #1 Halal food, which drives masses of New Yorkers – now available for Indonesian masses.

The Halal Boys serves warm, tasty Middle Eastern style chicken and lamb platters –
topped with the irresistible iconic white and red sauce. With delicious sauces made of secret ingredient mix, fans have been coming back for more.
And now, for the first time ever in Indonesia, these platters are ready to satisfy fans’ cravings and to enchant the first timers. The catch is: it will be delicious, convenient, and affordable. If you're a street food lover and have been to New York City, you've probably heard about the Famous Gyro over Rice. It’s the one where masses of people have been flocking to satisfy their hunger with simply the best meal in the city. Some call it ‘platter’ others call it lamb over rice. But the secret is in the signature white & red sauce. Nobody knows what it is, but they all have been coming back for more!