What is Halal Is Sufficient, While What is Haram Is Superfluous

One of the beauties of Islam is that it has prohibited only such things as are unnecessary and dispersible, while providing alternatives which are better and which give greater ease and comfort to human beings. This point has been explained by Ibn al-Qayyim: Read more

Halal and Healthy

We see, both trends, Halal and healthy, being supportive of each other. Insha Allah, we hope to tweak your taste buds on a regular basis with recipes from around the world providing you with some low fat, traditional and or quick and easy cuisine. The recipes come from many kitchens with cooks who have perfected their favorite dishes. Jazakullah and happy living. Read more

What Constitutes Halal Meat?

With regards to meat that is not slaughtered according to Islamic rites, (Quran 6:121, 2:168, 5:3, 6:145) Dr Ahmad Sakr, expert on Halal certification in USA, says it is not Halal because of the effect electric shock has on blood drainage. Using electric shock, explains Sakr, means that all of the animal’s blood does not leave its body, because electric shock affects the central nervous system. It is Haram to eat Read more

About Halal

Halal (halaal) is an Arabic term meaning permissible, lawful or permitted.. In the English language it most frequently refers to food that is permissible according to Islamic law. In the Arabic language it refers to anything that is permissible under Islam. The opposite of Halal is Haram. which means unlawful or prohibited. Halal and Haram are universal terms that apply to all facets of life. Read more